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Dango knows shipping.

Dango knows Produce.


Dango Inc. has mastered the science of getting (and keeping) the perfect temperature and humidity levels that fresh or frozen produce require. From drivers to dispatch, every member of the Dango team has the experience to handle produce shipping logistics.


Dango knows Meats.


Care and commitment to perfect timing comes standard with every Dango Inc. shipment. That makes us the right choice for shipping any size order of fresh or frozen meat.

Dango knows Seafood.


Dango Inc. got its start transporting seafood, and we’re still experts in the field. We’re one of the few trucking companies in the maritimes capable of shipping live lobster, and we have years of experience transporting all types of fish, lobster, and crab across North America.

Providing quality shipping services isn’t a 9-5 job. That’s why, at Dango Inc., we work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to give you the best possible shipping experience. All our trucks are satellite-tracked in real time to provide our customers with transparent location information. We are also C-TPAT certified to give our clients additional peace of mind.



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