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Dango knows brokerage.

Dango Inc. was primarily established as a means of providing fisherman with fresh, frozen and/or salted bait for many years, along with the responsibility of transporting fish, lobster, and crab from dockside to several processing plants.


Over the years, times have changed and so have our roles and responsibilities. We are now in the business of buying/selling fish and lobster within the Atlantic Provinces, Quebec and the New England area.


Send us an email and your request will be immediately routed to a Dango representative, who will get back to you within two business days.


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Dango knows Seafood.


Dango Inc. got its start transporting seafood, and we’re still experts in the field. We’re one of the few trucking companies in the maritimes capable of shipping live lobster, and we have years of experience transporting all types of fish, lobster, and crab across North America.