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Those who know, ship with Dango.

When it comes to transporting refrigerated goods, experience matters. At Dango Inc., we’ve been working with food suppliers, processes, distributors, and wholesalers for almost 20 years to deliver fish, produce, and other products exactly when they’re needed.



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Dango Inc. is built around our customers. We got our start providing fishermen with fresh, frozen, or salted bait before expanding to transport fish, lobster, and crab from boats to processing plants. The trust and loyalty of our customers let us expand even further into the business of buying and selling fish and lobster across Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and New England.


In 2011, the Dango team started to ship other fresh and frozen products using the refrigerated trucking experience, built by years of fresh and frozen seafood transportation. This side of the business expanded quickly. Today, Dango Inc. ships fresh and frozen fish, produce, meat, and more across Canada and the United States. We’re one of the few companies in the maritimes with the experience to handle the refrigerated shipping of everything from lobsters to lettuce. And we’re proud of our reputation as the place to go for those who know.